Agora Architecture was established in 1986 in order to engage in the development and redevelopment of residential, commercial and industrial properties in the North West of Botswana.

Agora Architecture is related to Agora Properties (Pty) Ltd. (incorporated in 1988), and Agora Projects (Pty) Ltd. (incorporated in 1995), together forming the Agora Group and has been involved in the planning and implementation of numerous property development projects throughout Botswana, being most active in the north: Maun, Ghanzi, Gumare, Shakawe, and Kasane.

Agora Architecture draws on a depth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of property in the North West District through its tie-in with Agora Properties and Agora Projects, and their extensive involvement in this market over the past 30 years.

Agora Architecture is an important player in the development of Maun. Agora designed most of the commercial buildings and some of the high end residential houses in Maun. The Botswana Mmegi newspaper wrote an article about Welfing recently. To show why Maun looks different from other major Botswana villages.

Agora Architecture nowadays work throughout the country.

Agora prides itself on delivering affordable and sensible buildings, most of which are properties generating income to the client. We get the odd chance to do some more spectacular stuff, like the Bocodol building and Acacia Mall, but mostly we just do modest buildings, trying to do a little more than what others would do to deliver quality.


And what we can’t stand is the common notion that “it is good enough for Maun”. There is no reason why buildings in the more or less remote Maun should be of lesser quality than anywhere else in the country. Yes, it is more difficult to do in Maun, but it is our choice to be here, so the fact that it is more difficult is not an excuse for laziness.

We are used to work in the private sector, as opposed to most architectural firms in Botswana, who do virtually nothing else than Government work. 

When it comes to designing residential houses, we enjoy discussing with the client what he says he wants, and then to find out what he really wants. Those are invariably two completely different things.

Albert A. Welfing

Managing Director

Architect, Building Engineer, Estate Agent, Property Value, Project Manager

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Abdallah Mwayeya


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Thato Monowe

Project Manager

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Thatayothe Segwai

Junior Architect

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